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Terms and Conditions

Instructions for using the service on Tradewin.online

You must read and agree before start.
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Instructions for using the service on Tradewin.online You agree to comply with the following covenants during the use of your service on Tradewin.online:
● All activities you perform in the process of using Tradewin.online Services will comply with the requirements of the current law, regulations, as well as various instructions on Tradewin.online,
● Will not violate public interests, public morals or other legitimate interests
● Will not constitute tax evasion or fees and will not violate this agreement or related rules
- You are only allowed to use one account, KYC must be honest.
Do not use multiple accounts on the same device.
We know this sounds difficult, but that is to create fairness for everyone.
If you break the rules, your account may be permanently locked.

If you violate the promises mentioned above and therefore cause any legal consequences, you will independently perform all liabilities with your own name and compensate Tradewin.online from any action,
complaint or expense arising from such violation. You will not use any data or information displayed on the website for commercial purposes without the prior written consent of Tradewin.online.
You will use the Site in accordance with the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, without any unfair competition or attempting to interfere with the normal operation of Tradewin.online. Examples of such malicious behaviors include, but are not limited to ● Use equipment, software or subprograms to interfere with the website
● overloading network devices with unreasonable data loading requirements
● make sales or buy toxic goods on the market

By accessing Tradewin.online Services, you agree that Tradewin.online will have the right to unilaterally determine whether you have breached any of the above covenants and take actions to apply those rules.
Relate without receiving your prior consent or notice to you Examples of such actions include:
● Block and request to close orders.
● Freeze your account.
● Report incidents to authorities.
● Publish violations and actions allegedly committed.
● Delete any information you have disclosed.

If your alleged violation causes any loss to a third party, you will only make all legal debts with your own name and keep Tradewin.online harmless from any loss, money, penalty or extra costs.
If due to any alleged violation, Tradewin.online does not suffer any loss, is required by any third party to compensate or incur any penalty imposed by any administrative agency apply, you will have to compensate Tradewin.online for any losses and costs, including reasonable attorneys' fees.
Service charge
Tradewin.online reserves the right to charge service fees to users of their services. At the discretion of Tradewin.online, the adjustment of service fees is charged to users using their services.

Service Provider
Tradewin.online will provide Tradewin.online Services at a facility as a condition and available on the market, and does not provide any form of warranty regarding reliability, stability, accuracy and Full of related technology.
Tradewin.online only serves as a transaction location, where coin-related information and coin-related transactions can be made.
Tradewin.online cannot control the quality, security or legality of the currency in relation to any transaction, the truthfulness of the transaction information or the ability of the parties to any transaction to fulfill your obligations according to the rules.
You must carefully consider the relevant investment risks, legal status and validity of transaction information and investment decisions before you use the Tradewin.online Services provided.

You acknowledge and agree, Tradewin.online will not be liable for any of your losses caused by any of the following events, including but not limited to:
● Loss of profits, goodwill, use or data or any other invisible loss
● Using or not using Tradewin.online Services
● Unauthorized use of your account or unauthorized alteration of your data by a third party
● Your misunderstanding about Tradewin.online Services
● Any other losses related to Tradewin.online Services are not directly related to Tradewin.online.
In any case, Tradewin.online will not be responsible for any incidents or delays of service due to frequent network maintenance or external factors such as power outages, natural disasters,
and trying to provide service or government behavior.

You agree to indemnify and hold Tradewin.online harmlessly, affiliates, contractors, licensors and their respective directors, officers, employees and agents and to oppose all claims and damages
(including including attorney fees, fines or fines imposed by any regulatory authority) arising from your violation or our enforcement of this Agreement.
This will also apply to your breach of any applicable laws, regulations or rights of any third party during your use of Tradewin.online Services.

Please note that all official announcements, news, promotions, contests and airdrops will be listed on the notification section where we encourage all users to consult regularly.
Tradewin.online will not be responsible or liable in any form of compensation if the user incurs personal losses arising from the ignorance or negligence of the notice.

Termination of contract
You agree that we reserve the right to immediately suspend your account (and any accounts owned by the relevant entities or branches), freeze or lock in all accounts. and suspend your access to Tradewin.online if we suspect any such account.
Violate the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, AML / CTF behavior or any applicable laws & regulations. Tradewin.online reserves the right to retain and use transaction data or other information related to those accounts.
The above account control measures may also be applied in the following cases:
● Accounts subject to a government proceeding, criminal investigation or other pending lawsuit
● We detected abnormal activity in account
● We are required to do so by court order or by an administrative / governmental order
In the event of any of the following events, Tradewin.online reserves the right to directly terminate this agreement by canceling your account and having the right to permanently freeze (cancel) your account authorization on Tradewin.Online and withdraw Tradewin.online account accordingly:
● After Tradewin.online terminates the service with you
● you are accused of registering or registering another username as a Tradewin.online user, directly or indirectly;
● The main content of the user information you provided is dishonest, inaccurate, outdated or incomplete;
● when this agreement (including rules) is revised, you clearly declare and notify Tradewin.online that you are not willing to accept the revised service agreement;
● any other case that Tradewin.online thinks should stop the service.
If the account is terminated, the account and transaction information necessary to meet the data retention standards will be stored securely for five years.
In addition, if an unfinished transaction in the account termination process, Tradewin.online will have the right to notify your partner of the situation at that time.
Remaining amount after account termination (normal)
When the account is closed / withdrawn, all remaining balances (including fees and liabilities payable to Tradewin.online) on the account will be paid immediately to Tradewin.online. When paying all unpaid fees for Tradewin.online (if any), users will have 7 working days to withdraw all funds from the account. Amount remaining after account termination (fraud / AML / violation of terms)
Tradewin.online maintains the full amount and user data / information that can be transferred to the government in case of suspension / closure of accounts arising from fraud investigations, AML investigations or Article violations Tradewin.online account (for example, trading on Tradewin.online from a sanctioned country). Compliance with local laws
Users are responsible for complying with local laws regarding the legal use of Tradewin.online within their local jurisdiction. Users must also identify, within their local laws, all aspects of taxation, deduction, collection, reporting and money transfer to their appropriate tax authorities. All Tradewin.online users and any of its services acknowledge and declare that their money comes from a legitimate source and does not originate from illegal activities. Tradewin.online maintains a position to cooperate with law enforcement agencies around the globe and will not hesitate to seize, freeze, terminate accounts and money of users flagged or investigated under authorization. France. Privacy Policy
Tradewin.online can sometimes publish and modify its privacy policy on the basis of Tradewin.online and its privacy policy will be an integral part of this Terms of Use. The latest version of the Privacy Policy including GDPR can always be found here on this page. Compensation and disclaimer
You agree to indemnify Tradewin.online and all affiliates and keep them harmless from and against all third party claims except Tradewin.online that violates these Terms. As mentioned in the service description, Tradewin.online makes every effort to maintain data integrity on its website but does not guarantee the information and services provided in its platform. Tradewin.online will not be responsible for errors arising from the use of its services. Complain
If you have any complaints, feedback or questions, please contact Email: [email protected] and we will do our best to resolve that problem for you.