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How to register tradewin members?
● Please visit our official website tradewin.online or you can subscribe to the sharing link of your friends.
You can register with social networks such as google, twitter, facebook and microsoft.
● Enter your email, phone number and your country.
After filling in the information, there will be a confirmation email to your account, you will enter an email to confirm the registration link.
After confirming, you will receive $2 promotion and 50 TDW, plus $100 insurance.

- - -
How to login to your account?
● You can log in by the social networking site you previously registered.

- - -
Why can't social network accounts log in?
● Your social network must remain active and must be accessed normally.

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How about KYC like?
After the registration, you need to confirm your identity to avoid fraudulent accounts.
You will receive TDW 50TDW after Kyc registration.
To do Kyc, go to Gallery then choose to your kyc image file, and then click confirm to send kyc picture.
After sending kyc request, kyc criminal analysis technical team will review and approve your kyc request.
Kyc images require clear capture of your face with our tradewin interface.

- - -
Why your KYC not be accepted?
We will not accept blurred or improper images such as: pretending to be someone else, or underage in your country,
and not taking our tradewin interface.

- - -
Why should you do kyc?
Kyc aims to manage members fairly and to combat virtual and fraudulent accounts.

- - -
How old is it to be a tradewin member?
The age we set depends on the country and can be responsible for our risks.

- - -
How to secure member account?
Please enable double-layer security with google authenticator tool, please preserve the security code carefully and absolutely not share it with anyone.

- - -
Why should security be turned on?
Turn on two-layer security to prevent bad guys from accessing and stealing your account.

- - -
When you lose the authentication code?
When you lose your two-layer security code, quickly send an email to support to be resolved and prevent bad guys from having your security code.

- - -
Is investing on TradeWin safe?
The crypto market is a market with potential risks.
You should invest with Tradewin.online to ensure absolutely safety.

- - -
How do affiliate commissions?
When you share your link with other members, you will enjoy 2% of the F1 profits earned.
Earn 1% of F2 profit.
Earn 0.5% from F3, F4, F5

- - -
Where to get the affiliate link?
You can find and get your affiliate link at the bottom of the trade page, or in your personal information.

- - -
What are the benefits of link sharing?
If you use your link to share, you will receive 50 TDW when the subscriber under your link completes kyc.
You also receive a percentage of the profit margin of your downline, such as: receive 2% of F1 profits earned, receive 1% of F2's profits earned, 0.5% profit of F3-F4-F5

- - -
Is there a link sharing limit?
Link sharing will not be limited. But we always limit virtual accounts and fraud.

- - -
How will fraudulent accounts be handled?
If we detect any fraudulent account, we will permanently lock them without prior notice.

- - -
How to develop the system?
We encourage members to develop our system and promote our Group.
You can use your affiliate link to share and develop the market.
If you achieve the required number, you will be upgraded to leader and get a double profit commission.

- - -
How to receive multiple offers from tradewin?
You can share your link on social networks and copy your sharing link for us to be reviewed and approved o receive rewards from tradewin.

- - -
Will sharing tradewin related images receive rewards?
If you share the relevant image and promote tradewin brand, you will receive a reward of $ 2 or 2 TDW when the approval request is accepted.

- - -
How to share the daily tdw receipt link?
You can share your link on social networking sites twice a day and you will get a reward of $ 2 or 2 tdw each time.

- - -
Is link sharing a mandatory task?
Sharing links is completely voluntary and in order to increase your earnings. We do not require members to share.

- - -
What is the origin of Tradewin?
In the context that all top 10 coins are discounted, and wise men publish their own coins, tradewin - a consortium of insurance funds has secured capital for members participating in crypto market transactions.
Tradewin is headquartered at 1055 AAA, Room 140, Heathrow, Florida, USA, cooperates with manufacturing and developing plants of robots to trade an alternative technology and save time for members to join the transaction.
Trade is cooperating with many publishers like tronx, eos, lite, etc.. and international investment insurance fund.
Tradewin is legally registered in the United States in the third quarter of 2018.

- - -
How does tradewin robot work?
Tradewin robot is an artificial intelligence tool researched by technical experts in the European e-money market to replace human transactions.
Tradewin robots are transplanted in international crypto exchanges to collect the best resources for tradewin members.

- - -
Why does tradewin.online exist even though market volatility is huge?
Tradewin exists and grows because of the world's leading experts on crypto market analysis with strategies and policies to avoid market price cuts.
Since then, the fund has never been reduced.

- - -
How many countries does Tradewin works on?
Tradewin's market is growing gradually after 1 month of operation, and is spreading all over the world.

- - -
What is the insurance rate?
You can buy the insurance amount equivalent to 50 times, such as buying $1 to receive $50 insurance, $10 to receive $500 insurance.

- - -
How to use insurance money?
The insurance will be used when you buy a coin x at a high price and the coin is discounted and you want to close the hole, the system will automatically deduct the amount of your insurance equivalent to the negative amount that the coin that decreased.
If you close a loss of a coin x, what will it be like in an account with out of insurance?
When the insurance amount is gone and you still have a loss, the amount of the loss will be deducted from your main account.
So buy insurance before you have a heavy loss.

- - -
Can the insurance amount in the account be withdrawn?
The sum of the insurance is only used for insurance and is used in case you close a coin of a certain order and it cannot be used to withdraw.

- - -
What will not be covered?
When you no longer have insurance in your account and you do not buy additional insurance, when your loss is closed your insurance will not be covered.

- - -
What is TDW?
TDW is the internal token of tradewin.online called the battery charge for each transaction execution.

- - -
How is TDW battery charge used?
Once the transaction will be deducted one 1 TDW
For example, in one day, if you buy BTC, you will be deducted 1TDW and when you sell, you will be deducted 1TDW.
Other coins are similar.
If you do this many times a day with a coin, the TDW battery charge will increase from the second to 2TDW, the third time to 3TDW, the fourth time will increase to 4TDW and increase if you make the order of one coin in the same day.

- - -
When is the battery charge recalculated to 1TDW?
The 1TDW battery charge will be recalculated when you execute the order and the new date is calculated, starting at 0h international.

- - -
How is the price of TDW calculated? Is there a price increase?
According to tradewin.online rules, the price of 1TDW = 1 $, the price will be fixed and if we change, we will notify 7 days in advance.
What happens when a word order is no longer TDW?
If you have a word order with no TDW battery charge, you will not be able to make a sell order, and you must buy more TDW or wait for the order to be lost before you can execute your sell order.

- - -
How to buy battery charge?
You must have an account balance to execute a TDW purchase order
Go to buy TDW and enter the amount of TDW you need to buy and execute the buy order.

- - -
How to execute a deposit order?
You can make deposits using BTC, ETH or PerfectMoney

- - -
How much is the minimum load?
The minimum charge is $ 10 for BTC and ETH, and the charge is 0.6% for Perfec money.

- - -
How is the minimum withdrawal amount and withdrawal fee calculated?
The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 50 for BTC and ETH and the withdrawal fee is 1%.
The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 100 for PerfectMoney and the withdrawal fee is $ 5 + 1% of your withdrawal amount

- - -
Can you withdraw money when there is a buy order?
You will not be able to withdraw money when you have an oder order. You must cancel oder before you can withdraw.

- - -
Why are there three withdrawal limits?
We operate on the robot trade AI platform and are implemented on international major exchanges, withdrawing withdrawals will make robot trade not match orders.
Therefore, we offer three withdrawal limits for robor trade orders to be processed more efficiently.

- - -
How long is the withdrawal confirmed and about the member's personal wallet?
Withdrawal orders will be processed automatically by the system, and processing time is about 5 to 30 minutes for BTC, ETH.
And 5 to 12 hours for Perfec money wallet.

- - -
If the wrong address is given, can the money be returned?
The system is fully automated, so the withdrawal will be automatically paid by the system.
If you paste the wrong wallet address, the system will pay according to the address you provided, that amount will not be undone

- - -
Is trading on tradewin safe 100% capital?
For the crypto market, there are always risks, but you can trade on tradewin, it is tradewin guaranteed that the capital will not suffer losses when the price falls.

- - -
Is the trading order limited to the number of orders executed?
You will not be limited to the number of transactions.

- - -
Why should the rate be 70:30 when the trading order is profitable?
Tradewin extracts insurance funds for members and preserves capital for members when transactions are lost. Therefore, the implementation of the ratio of 70:30 to help contribute to our insurance fund is growing.

- - -
Does Tradewin.online limit on coins to pay in the day?
We do not have any coin limits for the day

- - -
Why can't join the chat box?
The condition to enter the chat box is that your account balance must be $500

- - -
How to become a leader? And how is the leader's interest?
You must have 20 F1, 10 F2 and $ 50,000 total profit of F1 + F2.
Leader benefits are: 3 affiliate commissions and 1000TDW at the end of each month.

- - -
If you have any complaints, feedback or questions, please contact Email: [email protected] and we will do our best to resolve that problem for you.