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In 2018, tradewin.online joined with Big Four Deloitte & Touche LLP (Deloitte) auditors to perform SOC 2® - SOC tests for service organizations of type 1.
After several months of preparation and deep evaluation, we're happy to announce that tradewin.online has successfully completed its Type 2 SOC 2 test.
This makes Tradewin.online the first electronic money manage and exchange manager in the world to demonstrate this level of security compliance in protecting customers' data and money.
Providing you with a secure and safety platform to buy, sell and store your electronic money is paramount to our mission of building the future of money. In the traditional technology and financial industries, the SOC 2 ratings have become an industry standard to demonstrate security compliance. Our SOC 2 assessment - combined with our digital asset insurance - is another step that we have taken to enhance consumer protection, best protection and practice in sector.
Tradewin.online's exchange and custody platform are built with the mentality of being the first security and from the beginning. Continuing that approach, Deloitte conducted an independent review of the design and implementation of tradewin.online's security controls. These control measures have been independently tested to meet the trust service criteria set by the US Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). This includes evaluation of tradewin.online's exchange application, infrastructure, and basic customer database of tradewin.online, as well as its organizational level electronic storage system that stores the private keys of online and offline wallet of Tradewin.online.
We feel strongly that this standard of compliance is something that all retail consumers and organizations should expect about electronic money exchanges and their supervisors.
We know what is at stake when you trade and store electronic money. That's why, in addition to our rating of SOC 2 Type 1, we are also committed to receiving the SOC 2 Type 2 rating by 2019. This additional level of assurance will confirm the effectiveness of the internal control methods.
In the future, we will conduct annual SOC 2 checks to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to protecting your data and electronic money.
- - -
● We maintain commercial crime insurance with a total amount greater than the value of the Digital Assets that we keep on behalf of you on our trading platform.
Our insurance policy is provided through a combination of third party’s insurance guarantees.
● We are proud to introduce to you Tradewin.online a virtual money trading platform with completely new breakthrough solution technology.
Unlike other trading platforms, in most cases, conflicts of interest often occur between traditional traders and brokers. Brokers make profits when traders lose in transactions.
● In contrast , tradewin has an insurance system: when the trader is profitable, he receives 70% of the profit and the remaining 30% will be transferred to the platform. When loss occurs, the platform side suffers 100% loss. Tradewin.online has been approved for insurance because it has proven to sponsors that it is the "Top trading floors and property custodians of electronic money”.
- - -
Director of Risk Management at tradewin.online said:
"Investors are looking for a level of protection similar to what they are often offered when working with traditional financial institutions."
He added that:
"Introducing this field to insurance providers not only provides protection for our customers, but also sets a new standard for protecting investors across the electronic currency."
At the end of last month, tradewin.online was also shocking by announcing that it would issue a coin trading platform fee, TDW, accepted by the New York City Financial Services Department.
At the same time our tradewin.online platform is also about to choose Bitcoin Cash as the next altcoin to be supported after Litecoin next July.
Our policy guarantees 100% capital if you have actually bought insurance from us.
Our policy does not include any losses due to unauthorized access to your User Accounts. You agree and understand that you are solely responsible (and you will not be liable to us) in the management and maintenance of user account login security and any other mandatory forms of authentication, including your API keys. You also agree and understand that we are not responsible (and you will not be liable to us) for any unauthorized access.
Digital assets are not legal tender and are not supported by any government. Digital assets are not subject to the protection of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC temporarily) or protect the Securities Investor Protection Corporation
- - -
- Register quickly and easily via your email, google, twitter, facebook and microsoft accounts.
- For each ID, KYC is required to receive 100TDW immediately from TradeWin. TDW is used as a fee for each of your transactions.
- Successfully share your F1, get 20TDW BONUS.
- F1: 2,0% total profit
- F2: 1,0% total profit
- F3: 0,5% total profit
- F4: 0,5% total profit
- F5: 0,5% LEADERS 'gross profit x 3 commissions.
You will receive commission when your subordinates earn profits from the transaction.
- - -
You can register your hardware security key by visiting your account security settings page (you must be logged in).
You can register multiple courses to add backup. When you register for multiple hardware security keys, we will provide you with the option to use your own hardware security keys to log into your Tradewin.online account,
which will disable the 2FA code sent via Authy.
The withdrawal will continue to require Authenticator notification.
- - -
Your transaction history (Online transaction history) is always available on tradewin.online.
Your transaction history contains all of your trading activities including pending deposit and withdrawal transactions as well as your account and digital account balances. However, please note that nothing in your Transaction History is considered valuation.
We use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that the information in the notice we send you and your Transaction History is accurate and reliable. However, please understand that errors can sometimes occur and that the errors do not affect the means and actual results of a certain transaction.
Any transaction listed in the Transaction History or other contact information including, but not limited to the receipts sent to your email in the record will be deemed authorized and Accurately approved and validated unless we receive written notice (as defined here) within three days of notice.
- - -
If you suspect your account has been compromised, you can close your account at any time.
You agree and understand that closing an account will not affect any rights and obligations arising before the closing date of the account.
You may be required to cancel or complete all open orders and, in accordance with this User Agreement, provide instructions for transfer to any place of transfer of any currency and/or digital asset is left in your account.
You are responsible for any charges, fees, costs or obligations (including, but not limited to attorneys and court fees or fiat currency transfers or Digital Assets) related to closing your account. In case your account closing costs exceed the value in your account, you will be responsible for reimbursing us.
The listing fee will be 3% of the total assets you have on tradewin.online
- - -
You agree and understand that we reserve the right to immediately suspend your account and the property in that account and suspend your access to tradewin.online if we suspect any account violates the following:
• TWD fraud
• Any law or regulation for a moral violation
• Our code of behaviors in the market
• We are required to do so by regulators, court orders, effective subpoenas or governmental binding orders;
• This account, or related to any account, is subject to any lawsuit, investigation or proceeding by the government;
• Accounts with balances need to be reconciled for any reason;
• We believe that someone is trying to illegally access to your account;
• We believe that there is unusual activity in the account;
• We believe that you are using tradewin.online, your login information or other account information in an unauthorized or inappropriate way.
• Account has not been accessed for two years or more.
If your account has been suspended, you will be notified when visiting tradewin.online. In our sole discretion, we may issue a written Notice that your account has been suspended or we may disclose a reason for suspension if permitted by law.
- - -
You also agree and understand that in certain circumstances, the deposit payment time may be delayed in relation to the period of inactivity or disruption to a Third Party’s Service Provider.
The payment amount from Ethereum, Bitcoin will be converted into USD at the current price on tradewin.online.
- - -
We accept withdrawals from Ethereum, Bitcoin and Perfect money. The withdrawals will be processed automatically. Withdrawals may not be processed over the bank’s regular working hours.
You also agree and understand that in certain circumstances, the deposit payment time may be delayed in relation to the Inactivity or Disruption Time for a Third Party’s Service Provider.
PerfecMoner fee: $ 5 minimum $ 100
Fee: BTC, ETH 1% minimum 50 $
Please make sure your wallet address is correct. Any deviation will not be processed.
- - -
Transaction fee is calculated in TDW ($ 1 equivalent).
When registering an account you will receive 50 TDW, KYC. If successful, you get an additional 50 TDW. In addition, you can also receive more TDW by sharing a successful referral link and the person introduced KYC successfully.-
You agree and understand that your acceptance of this User Agreement is considered your acceptance of all fees in our market.-
We reserve the right to change, modify or increase our market schedule fees at any time.-
Any changes to the market fees will be posted for at least three calendar days prior to the entry into force and no changes will take effect for less than 30 days.
- - -
After your Order has been placed an order receipt contains the following information:-
• Order date, type, ID, amount and price information if available;-
• All fees are charged;-
Tradewin.online maintains and saves your Transaction History records for a period of not less than seven years.-
Your order and transaction will be deemed authorized and accurate in accordance with your approval and confirmation unless there is a contrary written notice within three calendar days.
- - -
If you have any complaints, feedback or questions, please contact Email: [email protected] and we will do our best to resolve that problem for you.